What a wonderful beginning thanks to friends and family for helping us plant a new well in Atlanta. To those who sowed and showed up God's blessings be yours.


I was in the Tampa Church along with the St. Petersburg church Christ Glory and the church is moving ahead. The church under direction of the pastors team we left there has double to God be the glory and great things are happening in St Pete as well. With the help of these faithful people we will open the church in Lithonia Ga this coming Sunday, if you live in this area join us. 2244 Panola rd. The corner of Covington hwy. and Panola at 10 am Sunday the count down is on. God is good


The church has worked over time trying keep themselves and others from touching or taking God's glory. Not realizing that would be and impossible feat. Peter said we are called to his glory. God design you to be a King. He said the heavens are his and earth is yours. He is the King of kings. Kings are born but must be taught to operate. Go to the manual (the Bible) and study your post and stand in it. 2014 will be greatest year of your reign.


We are now approaching a new year. It is now time for the sons of God to come forth. God has open a new chapter in my life and a more season word on the work of the Kingdom. I am now planted in Atlanta and if my ministry can be a blessing to you and yours contact me at or 310-729-9206


I remember peeking out my window on Lillie st in Fort Wayne Indiana, I had been in bible college two years and for the first time faithful to God and myself. There was a young lady that live two doors from me that got my attention. Now 38 years later with ups and downs sickness which brought changes to that body I loved she still has my attention. Happy anniversary to the love of my life Mrs. Glenda Ruth Austin Bolden


Change comes when an explosive word enters your heart and that word shakes your inside so much it can't remain hidden. You then share it with like minded people and with the help of God the world embrace your idea and the revolution begins. What is God saying to you?






The Lord said pray that The Lord would send forth laborer s into the harvest. We have and God has. Please go to our website and celebrate baptism with Jireh a young girl who celebrated her baptism unsolicited.


Good morning I have been preaching on the power of living in the present and leaving the past in the past with but one exception to use it as a learning tool. I heard this and it blessed me. When the past calls let it go to voice mail believe me it has nothing new to say.


I've just return from the doctor with an opportunity to prove God's word. Faith is not proven when the sun is up but when clouds are gathering. I have a chance to do what the word say and that is to trust God. Healing is the children bread I am his child and eating on the bread. Let God be true and every man a liar. Trust God with me.


To all in the Fort Wayne area I will be there at Lighthouse on Father's Day. I pray you can attend I am coming with a word from God.

Apostle Willie Bolden



    Apostle Willie Bolden and wife, Pastor Glenda Bolden and their son Jonathan , in obedience to the call of God moved to Tampa, Florida in 


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